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TEAM barrel-up


The team name was born during our first phone call on this. Further online research brought to light the below accumulation of descriptions providing insight into the thoughts behind this name. 



| barrel {dutch}

- car or bike in a deplorable state

  ° an old barrel


| barreled (up) {english}

- Drunk (eng/slang)

  ° “Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really barreled up!”

  ° mod. alcohol intoxicated. | He spends a lot of time barreled.


| team {dutch/english}

– a collaboration of two or more people to achieve a common goal


| Trip {dutch/english}

– a road trip cross Europa based on a route book


| up {english}

– omhoog {dutch}


| to take up the challenge {english}

- to act in response to a new and difficult situation (eng)

  ° I am not prepared to take the challenge up.

  ° Dave took up the challenge without much hesitation.


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