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breda <> nice | ±2.800km


Sunday 5 May a.s. we will leave from Breda in the direction of Nice (F). The route leads through seven countries for seven days. Every day a new challenging and special route with unusual roads. We are taking this trip for the first time!


It is not about speed, but you can earn points by answering unusual questions a/o performing playful assignments. That starts with figuring out "the right car" and pimping it.


The registration includes 6 nights at a campsite with breakfast, and Food-Trucks are driving along. Accommodation is insured and in the morning the breakfast including coffee (!) Is ready. All participants always drive to the same campsite. All people with the same passion, who have experienced the same and with whom the necessary experiences are exchanged.


The Rammelbakkenreis is all about having fun together. Together it will be a great experience. Helpfulness and kindness are a precondition for completing this challenge in the most fun way possible.


During the day, enjoy the distant views, the winding mountain roads, forest paths, perhaps break down and be helped by the group. And then conclude in the evening with strong stories about the BBQ.


Along the way, we will draw attention to the charity!

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