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Our charity


Although it is not a requirement for registration during this tour, we have decided to link a charity to this adventure. We didn't have to think about that for a long time.


More and more often we hear stories from people with prostate a/o testicular cancer. These typical male diseases affect the life of a man deeply, both physically as well as mentally. The impact on partner a/o child (ren) is also huge. That is why we support


 Movember Foundation NL


The  Movember Foundation NL fights worldwide for man's health throughout the year. All attention is paid to some of the biggest health problems specific to men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.


Movember is a combination of  MOustache and noVEMBER.

Every year, in November, everyone can take action to raise money for this charity. Many supporters leave their mustache for example, but many activities are also organized, spread all over the world!



However, our tour will be held in May 2019. Nevertheless, we also want to focus on this growing problem in this way!



Team Barrel-Up driving for Movember


During the preparation, the trip and after the trip, we will try to raise as much money as possible, via our sponsors and via our other activities! You can also Donate!

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