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TEAM Barrel-Up is committed to Movember until the end of November 2019. However, we are not only going to simply ask for money, but we are also going to get started with numerous activities. You will find the how what a/o when in the list below. Make sure you to be there, and show your support to Movember as well as to TEAM Barrel-UP.


Dutch Graphic Group

Teamsponsor in Natura

Totaal leverancier op het gebied van grafische producten. Dutch Graphic Group verzorgt o.m.:
° Mailing
° Etiketten
° Ontwerp & DTP
° Beursaankleding
° Druk- & Printwerk
° Vlaggen & Canvas
° Groot Formaat & Outdoor
° Billboards, Stoepborden, Banners
° en meer ...

Dutch Graphic Group verzorgt voor ons:
° Het Printwerk
° De Raamblindering van onze Barrel

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